Unleash the Potential for Racine's Animals


Thank you so much for caring about the safety and well-being of Racine's animals and the people who love them!

The Wisconsin Humane Society is in need of support from our incredible community as we aim to build a new shelter in Racine. We acquired the current facility in January of 2013 and did as much as we could to improve upon it, but we still lack the space for veterinary care, behavior evaluations, appropriate housing, proper socialization of animals, and community services.

WHS has dreams of building a 16,000-square-foot facility which will provide more than twice as much space as our currently shelter, thus permitting ward segregation to reduce stress and disease transmission. Inside, the shelter will offer clean, quiet, and dignified housing, dedicated veterinary space, and a multi-purpose community room which would accommodate volunteers, classes, public waiting space, and youth programs.

We have the experience and vision to make this dream a reality, but we need your help. Please consider starting your own online fundraiser to build the future of Racine today!

To learn more about this project, please visit www.unleashthepotential.net